The Order's rules on magickal practices

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The Order's rules on magickal practices Empty The Order's rules on magickal practices

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:02 pm

Magick is possibly the most important thing inspired by Thoth. It involves science, writing, philosophy, and spirituality combined to make the ultimate power.

The first thing to realize is that magick will not work immediately after you start to practice. It takes a long period of studying, practicing, and patience before anything will be accomplished. How you practice your ceremonial and ritual magick is up to you. The Order only asks it's followers to follow these basic rules when practicing magick:

1. All people involved in rituals must be consenting and of age.
2. No innocents / undeserving may be cursed.
3. The curse must fit the crime.
4. No animals may be involved in ritual EVER.
5. Respect the energies you are using in your ritual.

-High Priest Set


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