Lucifer, Lilith, and God (Baphomet)

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Lucifer, Lilith, and God (Baphomet) Empty Lucifer, Lilith, and God (Baphomet)

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We believe in two energies that make up god.
First is Lucifer - Destruction, enlightenment, spiritual perfection, knowledge, masculinity, etc.
The other is Lilith - Creation, sexuality, feminine energy, temporal needs etc.

These two energy together make a perfect balance of all things. This perfect mix of everything can be represented by the drawing of Baphomet. The word Baphomet means "absorption of knowledge" and can also be made to mean "the father of the temple of peace among men". We believe Baphomet perfectly represents god. But this god is nothing like the Christian god. This god is the universe (pantheism). Everything is god and god is everything.

To remind you, god is made of Lucifer and Lilith. The goal of life is to reach enlightenment through absorption of knowledge and spiritual perfection. Therefore to reach it we must be more like Lucifer's energy rather than Lilith. It is our natural desire however, which we must fight, to be like Lilith and give into the physical world. This is like the very first block in a huge mass of beliefs. Our beliefs are much deeper than this but this is where they all form from.

-High Priest Set


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